Our Core Principles


In order to truly overcome his own desires and selfish needs, a knight needs to embrace the code of Chivalry, always being fair, just and humble.


In Courage is not defined by stand-alone actions, but by who you are consistently; it is the courage to look inside and overcome yourself in a consistent manner.


Honour is one of the cornerstones of Knighthood, simply because Order is achieved by knowing the true Self. Honour is supported by Trust – in yourself and in others.


Integrity defines who you are at the core, behind all the masks and stories, and the images inside your mind.


A knight knows when to be humble when it is time to speak and when it is time to remain silent. Humility allows a knight not to become a tyrant.


To be loyal is to know when to lead and when to obey, to follow a leader with a pure heart and without any boundaries. Loyalty to god makes a good knight.


Knights are a part of an Order and courtesy is one of the qualities in a knight you must have. You cannot be a part of a chain of command without courtesy.


A knight of any rank knows that you shall pass everything on to those below, so they can strive to be better – even surpassing the knight. Charity opens your heart.


A knight must have the ability to discern, to separate fact from fiction. A knight must not act out of haste nor illicit malicious gossip as both show lack of wisdom.