Our Beliefs

Property Rights: 

We affirm that private property rights extend from self-ownership and the scarcity inherent to our material existence. We condemn all fraud and initiatory violence towards a person’s life, liberty, and property. We contend that private property is the best way to reduce and reconcile conflict between individuals.

We categorically reject socialism, defined as the non-private collective ownership of resources. We advocate non-corporatist privatization wherever possible.


We reject all forms of State intervention into monies and currencies, with the understanding that competing monies are the cornerstone of a functional economy. We define State intervention to include, but not be limited to, private or public central banking, State issue of currency, banking regulations, the State making purchases of monies, currencies, stocks, bonds, treasuries, or specie, and legal tender laws. We support the aggression-free competition and proliferation of free market monies and currencies in all their forms.

We recognize that there have been great benefits to society from State-controlled money systems in the past; however, they have also led to many problems that we must address today. The most important problem with these systems is that they reduce economic efficiency by limiting options for individuals and businesses. When individuals are forced by law to use only one form of currency for all transactions and saving purposes they lose control over their own finances—this is true regardless of whether or not they receive interest on their holdings when deposited into banks controlled by governments or any other entity outside of their control.

Additionally, we believe that central banking policies such as inflationary monetary policy can lead to severe misallocations of capital within society which can cause long-term damage.

 Lifestyle Choices: 

We believe that one’s lifestyle is merely an extension of one’s property rights. Thus, no individual or group can rightfully claim jurisdiction over the lifestyle of another. We assert only that any and all lifestyle choices must not violate the property rights of others.

We take no stance on the personal, cultural, or social preferences of individuals or groups.

 Identity Politics: 

We categorically reject all forms of identity politics as nothing more than weaponized tribal collectivism that is antithetical to individualism.

Identity politics is based on the idea that people are defined by their race, gender, sexuality, or other immutable characteristics. This is a fundamentally flawed idea. Identity politics seeks to divide people into smaller and smaller groups with each new classification. It also presupposes that each group has its own interests and concerns, which may often be at odds with one another.

Individualism is the opposite of identity politics; it posits that individuals should be treated as individuals and not as members of a group. It allows for people to be judged on their merits, not their race or gender—or any other immutable characteristic. Individualism recognizes that every person has different characteristics, experiences, and interests, but it treats them all equally under the law because they are equal in value as human beings.

The Second Amendment: 

We’re excited to support Gun Owners of America’s initiative to create second amendment sanctuaries at the local and county level. We believe that gun rights are an important issue that will be a hot-button topic in the coming years, and this is a great way to protect your Second Amendment rights.