Our Bylaws

Statutes of the Order

We hereby set forth the following guiding principles of the Liberty Vanguard, in order to reaffirm the charter of our founders and to ensure that we are never corrupted or compromised in its principles. We hold the following articles indefeasible and central to the legitimacy and continued survival of The Liberty Vanguard: 

Article I

We have established a Knighthood community that is open to all people, regardless of origin, who want to demonstrate their commitment to America and the core values this country was built upon.  The Liberty Vanguard Community is built in America, by and for the People of America. America is in a time of need, and it is time for us to answer that call. 

Article II

Membership is open to ALL men and women, that are American citizens that are at least 18 years of age except that the sixteen-year-old, sons and daughters of Dames and Knights may also be granted full membership.

Article III

We decry all forms of socialism, communism, and anti-American sentiment, declaring them to be anathema and forbidden to all those in the Liberty Vanguard.  Any knight who engages in this is automatically excommunicated from the Liberty Vanguard and will be formally expelled. 

Article IV

As an organization, we will never embrace any one political party, while individual knights and dames are free to hold their own opinions and to take part in the political process, they must never associate the Liberty Vanguard with any one political affiliation. The Liberty Vanguard is loyal to liberty, freedom, and those individual politicians who represent our values.

Article V 

No officer or official in The Liberty Vanguard will ever order a subordinate knight or dame to perform any act or duty that violates his or her conscience, or religious beliefs, including the canon law of his or her church, or the laws of his or her country, or applicable international law. 

Article VI

We are bound to uphold all just and moral oaths, such as oaths of fealty, and marriage or sacerdotal vows, but no secret oath shall ever be required in the Liberty Vanguard. Nor will blood oaths ever be required of a member of the Liberty Vanguard,

Article VII

We hold, now and forever, that neither titles nor ranks shall ever be for sale, nor will entry into the Order ever be dependent upon any person’s financial or social status. Nor will any knight or dame ever be dismissed from the Liberty Vanguard or held in contempt for the inability to pay donations or obligations. Neither shall any priory nor other governing body of our organization ever levy involuntary assessments on any knight or dame. We will never value money or other material things over humble service to our Country. 

Article VIII

The Liberty Vanguard and its members will respect all state and national laws. We claim no sovereignty. All priories that make up The Liberty Vanguard shall recognize and honor those officers elected to serve as the governing body of The Liberty Vanguard.

Article IX

In the case that any member violates this Declaration, the statutes of the Liberty Vanguard, or the bylaws of the priory itself, in that such a person may have departed from our principles and operates in such a manner as to bring dishonor and discredit upon our Order, that person will be expelled from our Order.     

Article X

We recognize all other legitimate Knights Templar Orders, and we seek to ally ourselves with other true Knights Templar Orders, but we do not recognize, nor admit the existence of any Templar Order with a superior claim to that of our own.   

Article XI

The Liberty Vanguard may, from time to time, select a Royal or spiritual Protector for the Grand Priory, and shall pay homage to the same; however, the selection of a Royal or spiritual protector will not imply or express an elevation of the protector’s church over any other church body. We also hereby ordain that all members of the Order shall never seek to cause division or schism in the Order due to theological differences between the various order members. 

Article XII

We have taken over 2000 years of Knights history and value from all over the world to establish a Vanguard that is genuinely 100% American. While we respect the value and lineage traditional Knight programs have been built upon it is time for America to establish its own legacy in knighthood.

We have chosen Benjamin Franklin, American Diplomat, Inventor, and founding father as the Honorary First Grand Master in our Community. We feel this firmly establishes our historical lineage for the community and sets the precedence for our core values.

We have established this Community to last as long as America is a country. As is traditional with long-lasting Knighthood programs, the Liberty Vanguard has been designed to pass unto each generation of Americans, establishing a program you can pass on to your children and grandchildren helping keep alive historical American values for generations to come.

Article XIII 

The Liberty Vanguard will never reject any postulant on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or family/parental status. The chief criterion for acceptance will be the postulant’s willingness to serve the Order faithfully and without thought of recompense. We similarly hold that no postulant has an automatic right to join the Order but must be accepted by the membership of the priory to which he or she has applied, and meet the standards established for membership in the Grand Priory. 


We are looking to preserve the American way of life. We are based on a strong belief in God. Treat others with respect & show goodwill. Support family values, Support your community. Hold up our Constitutional Rights. We seek those looking for a way to increase the positive difference they can make and feel they were meant to be part of something bigger.

Article XV

We will remember the brave and valorous Founding Fathers who died in the name of Liberty and Freedom, and who were unjustly taxed, imprisoned, and killed on the orders of a Tyrant King.

Article XVI

Membership in the Liberty Vanguard conveys no social titles such as “Sir.”  Instead, Christian men who join the organization are termed “Knights” with the honorific title of chevalier, and females are termed “Dames” with the honorific title of Chevaleresse (or Chevalière).